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i'm really bad about commitment, as jordan knows from other situations, but especially when it comes to clubs and shit, unless i've got someone breathing down my neck about it.

i really don't think i'm interesting enough for this type of thing, but i would to try and be more active. i guess people can't say much b/c that would hypocritical. i think i'm going to try and get some people to join tohe community, see how that works out.

i don't know if its just me, but is anyone else feeling like shit? i know i do. all GA public schooling was cancelled for today and tomorrow. any normal teenager would be happy, but not me. i find its the only place that i actually feel comfortable at, which is a lot to say b/c i hate my school. nothing EVER happens. no fights, no drug busts, no new students, except for the fresh batch of sixth graders that comes in every year. and they only suffice for the first week, and they're great to make fun of, but its so wrong. and my school.. its just unnatural. for the first time in my whole, i actually wanted homework in my classes, something to keep me busy, and for the first time since 7th grade, i didn't have ANY homework. how fucking ironic.

miaou.. ok, i'm done.
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