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This is a subcultured rating community. Here, we accept or reject people based on appearance, originality, and intelligence. If none of the interests below apply to you, chances are pretty good that you're in the wrong place.

[[New Members]]

+ Our lucky number is 3. You have within 3 days of joining to post your application, and you have up to 3 days to be voted on. On or before the 3rd day, you will be stamped; the stamp varies on the votes.
+ This is a rating community; people are going to speak their minds about your photos and your application, and perhaps even your attitude. Be prepared.
+ LJ-Cut your application. No one wants their friends page to be taken over by your interests. If you don't cut it, we won't read it & you'll find yourselves banned.
+ Post clear pictures. Photos taken from 30 feet away or run through a lame photoshop job aren't going to get you decent ratings. And use your own pictures! Net-thieves will be banned and reported to LiveJournal.
+ New Members MUST head their subjects with "Kill me right." to show that they read the rules.
+ DO NOT rate others unless you have been accepted.
+ Do not type improperly (ie: lyk, u, r, k, cuz, etc.) It makes you look stupid.


+ Keep active and vote on new members. You are allowed to say whatever you want, but don't say something just to piss someone else off.
+ You may post pictures of things other than yourself, but please have an equal number of photos with you in them in the same post. & please do not post pictures of other people's art without their permission.
+ If you have suggestions on anything, please tell me. I may be the mod, but that doesn't make me 100% right all the time.
+ Promote like it's going out of style.

[[ Application. ]]
Copy & paste what's in the textbox, fill it out, and post it. Do not use rich text! Please remember your answers go AFTER the ending bold tag.

[[ The Point System. ]]

- Text posts - - 5 points.
- Picture posts - - (2 or less) 10 points, (3 or more) 20 points.
- Promotion to another livejournal user - - (friend) 60 points, (other) 70 points.
- Promotion to another livejournal community - - (other) 85 points, (promotional) 15 points.
- Theme participation - - 50 points.
- Contest participation - - 70 points.
- Winning the theme (member votes) - - BONUS 200 points.
- Having someone say you asked them to apply - - 150 points.
- Mod posts CONCERNING member's opinions - - 5 points.
- Scavenger Hunt participation posts (i.e. the pictures, obviously) - - Determined by the amount the photo is worth.
- Making the community banners (please be aware that you are not to use stolen images such as artwork without permission or any other) - - 20 to 50 points, depending on the quality of the banner & if I use it or not.

[[ Scavenger Hunt Rules. ]]

+ Your photos must be behind an lj-cut & the title or cut text must say "Scavenger Hunt" or something along those lines (so I know to get a calculator).
+ The photos you take must be your own. I do not want to see googled images or someone else's photography.
+ Please keep the points the picture is worth next to it so I don't have to scan the list while trying to total up your points. Either have the "___ points" or the "#" the picture is.
+ Please try to keep your photos to a uniform size. I don't need to look at 1billionx3billion pixel photos. 800x is the max width of a photo - if you go past that Ima kick yo' butt. I know you all have a graphics program on your computer (MS Paint, counts unforunately) that will resize your images.

[[ Promotion. ]]

Want a banner to promote us?

Save this to your own server and promote away!